Embedded Applications

TIG is a leader in the embedded computing market – designing, developing and manufacturing solutions for a diverse range of customers in fields from telecom to high-energy physics to aerospace. We develop standard and customized backplanes, blades, boards, enclosures, including the software and hardware required, in fault-tolerant and redundant platforms that operate unfailingly in any type of environment. Our end-to-end project execution enables our customers to receive all the capabilities they need in one place, tailored precisely to fit their specifications and conform to their needs. TIG (through Asis-Pro, its daughter company) is an executive member of PICMG Open Standards Committee which sets international standards for the embedded computing industry.

Experience, innovation, + unparalleled customer care. Many TIG customers require specialized, dedicated functions, using their proprietary technology, to be embedded within their systems and as such, a significant portion of our work is creating customized solutions. Our project managers – engineers from diverse fields – oversee the entire project lifecycle from beginning to end, providing expert management for everything from specs, development, simulation, testing, manufacturing and finally, delivery – and when needed, even assistance with installation and integration.

Multiple areas of expertise work together for you. In developing each project for our customers, project managers are aided by TIG’s other units, specifically, the electrical component and interconnect (cable and cable assembly) divisions. This beneficial arrangement affords our embedded computing professionals direct access not only to other high-quality products we manufacture and/or distribute, but to these divisions’ own experts in the field – assets which are integral to creating the customers’ unique solution. Thus, TIG departments routinely work together, and always produce the best-in-class solution for each customer.

TIG added value. As mentioned, many customers come to us with their own IP, but frequently are not sure how to best, most efficiently and most compactly implement their technology within the solution they need. TIG’s years of accumulated know-how helps them achieve their goals and has led to innovations in efficient thermal design, energy usage, form factor, and more.

When TIG takes on an embedded computing project, customers benefit from:

  • Manufacturing in compliance with the highest industry standards – ISO 9001; IPC610; IPC 620; RoHS
  • One point of contact – responsible for the entire project
  • Extensive R&D capabilities and services; an engineering staff with diverse experience and training – from mechanical, electrical and computer engineers to system architects
  • A company experienced in creating solutions for leading companies’ game-changing and strategic technologies in:
  • Medicine/health
  • High-energy physics
  • Military/defense
  • Aerospace
  • Telecommunications
  • Computing
  • Industrial automation
    • COTS and custom development and manufacturing processes that shorten time-to-market
    • Expertise in signal integrity simulations- laboratories equipped with the state-of-the art signal generators and network analyzers to evaluate performance of even the most complex backplanes
    • Expertise in thermal design – we hold patents in heat dissipation

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