Industrial Control Cabinets

Industrial Control cabinets are an essential and critical component in any industrial machine or production line. To ensure high availability and enable secure and failsafe connection of all components, the control cabinet must adhere to the highest standards and include high-quality components.

TIG designs and manufactures industrial-grade control cabinets for industrial machines, as well as medical and military equipment. The control cabinets are assembled with customer specific cable widths, adapters and connectors since each project has different parameters and requires different components and configurations. Any design or production changes can be implemented quickly and time and costs are saved through local manufacturing.

The manufacturing process conforms to the highest quality standards, including ISO9001 – 2008 certified, medical and military standards, IPC 610, IPC 620, and RoHS.

TIG provides a full turnkey control cabinet solution as well as specific components

  • Control panel
  • Cable management for control cabinets
  • Cable and Harnesses Assemblies
  • Enclosures
  • Electrical and mechanical design and engineering services



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