Thermal Analysis

The challenge of attaining and maintaining proper temperature in embedded computing environments is critical since optimal operation of servers relies both on the correct ambient temperature and importantly, the correct temperature of the individual chassis.

TIG’s Development team is expert in thermal design and analysis and possesses extensive knowledge of industry standards and how they are integrated with the client’s product specifications as well as several written patents on thermal solutions . The company offers thermal analysis services when customizing existing platforms and designing new enclosures.

While chassis have their cooling systems already built in, there are other factors which affect their cooling efficiency. The cooling performance of, for example, the fan trays that are integral parts of ATCA and MTCA chassis, is impacted, in part, by the use of certain blades, their number, and their airflow impedance. To enable maximum efficiency and reliability, enough cool air must flow throughout the chassis enclosure, allowing the heat generated to dissipate.

Conducting a thermal simulation during the chassis design phase is highly recommended for new configurations since various dynamics influence the amount of heat present when the chassis is installed and working at the end user. The results of a simulation enable creation of an effective thermal design that not only optimizes cooling performance but also reduces power consumption, and ( please mention also that it make the chassis more green ! )

The stages of TIG’s thermal analysis below precede creation of an optimal thermal design:

  • Initial thermal analysis – initial computerized analysis to predict where temperature problem lie and to assess possible solution
  • Thermal mock-up – thermal analysis may include building a special Mock-up for testing a complex and high risk thermal design before finalizing the solution
  • Thermal Simulation – following the initial thermal analysis process , The development team runs extensive thermal simulation process to verify the solution before prototype production.



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