High Speed Backplanes Design

The signals traveling through backplanes and line cards have speeded up to Giga Hertz from several hundred Mega Hertz. To catch up with its speed, bus architecture has evolved from parallel to serial. While consumers enjoy the broadband internet surfing and smaller access devices, electronic designers are challenged with high performance requirements and tight margin for PCBs and packages. To ensure short Time To Market, they often have to control impedance of PCB traces, take serious consideration in Vias placement, minimize cross-talk between signals, or run complete system simulation.

We have provided consultation to industry-leading companies on backplane designs based on various interface specifications, such as Infinyband, PCI-Express, HDMI, SATA, SAS, USB3, XAUI, QSFP28, ATCA40G, ATCA100G, XFI, SFI, SFP2, Interlaken etc. up to 32Gbps per lane. We provide:

  • Complete solution to backplane, high-speed interconnect design
  • Consultation on backplane, high-speed interconnect design
  • Debugging services in backplane, high-speed interconnect design


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