For three decades, TIG has been specializing in delivery of the highest quality connectors to our clients in the military, telecom, medical and industrial fields. To do so, we work with the most respected manufacturing companies in Germany, Japan, North America, and Switzerland to provide our clients with unrivaled quality and reliability.

Our technical team, all experts in engineering and technology fields, work with customers to understand their requirements in order to configure product specifications that lead them to the right manufacturers.

TIG can fulfill all connectivity requirements: push-pull, high power, backplane, COMBO, quick breakaway connectors and many others:

  • Connectors for the Telecom industry are typified by high-speed solutions, both small and multi-pin connectors, with a small footprint.
  • Connectors for the Medical field are typified by high durability of mating cycles; they are anti-magnetic, multi-pin and can be autoclaved
  • Connectors used in the Military must be dependable under harsh conditions, have a small form factor, a breakaway option or contend with atmospheric/water pressure
  • Connectors for the Industrial field are typified by their robustness and durability in high electrical current environments

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