Sensors are an integral part of control machinery, appearing in micromachinery and in micro-controller platforms. The use of different types of sensors is growing continually worldwide. Many of TIG’s customers in the medical, military, digital print, semiconductor, and other fields require sensors for their equipment.

TIG provides intelligent sensor solutions that are characterized by superb reliability, compact size, high levels of integration and unmatched ease of use for a variety of applications. Our technical team works closely with customers in order to provide the best possible support at every stage of the project. In cases where a customized solution is called for, we work together with our customers and manufacturers to arrive at the set of specifications that will lead to the optimal solution.

TIG distributes the following types of sensors:

  • Photoelectric Sensors
  • Inductive Proximity Sensors
  • Measurement Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Measurement Distance Sensors
  • Safety Sansors
  • Machine Vision
  • Humidity and Temperature Sensors
  • Differential Pressure sensors
  • Liquid Flow Meters
  • Mass Flow Meters for Gases
  • Mass Flow Controllers for Gases
  • Multi-pixel Gas Sensors
  • Barometric Pressure Sensors


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