Cable Assemblies and Harnesses


TIG is an expert in Electro mechanical design and manufacturing of a variety of cable assemblies and harnesses. Our cable manufacturing assembly and harnesses production cover a wide range of cable types and across a diverse range of industries such as medical, industrial, military, and others. Your application may be simple or complex, standard or specialized – we have the technical expertise and the manufacturing capabilities to assist in realizing your product.

We offer complete custom solutions throughout the project life cycle, including the initial concept, design, drawing, engineering, sample production and approval, final testing and mass production.

  • Communication cables – Cat5e/6/7a ethernet cables
  • Fiber optics cables- SM / MM Indoor/outdoor optical fibers cables,
  • Accessories – patch cords, patch panels and cable management
  • High voltage cables – High reliability voltage interconnection products
  • RF cables- Up to 18GHz 50 Ohm coax cables, Low Loss, Semi- rigid, dual shielded,       non magnetic
  • Control cables – ProfiBus, Profinet, Serial RS232/422/485, Canbus
  • Robotic cables and drag chains- ideal for the harshest operating environments and aggressive coolants and lubricants.Machine tools, handling equipment, robots, plant and apparatus construction, transport and conveyor equipment, energy transmission and signal transmission to plant parts and machine parts that are continuously in motion
  • Molded cables-Wide range of molded cables for various applications .Molded cables include HDMI Cables , VGA Cables , DVI Cables , LVDS Cables and more
  • Clean room cables – meet a Class 100 clean room standard.
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