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Trans Innovation Group (TIG), a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies, partnered with CenTrak at the beginning of 2017 in order to offer an innovative solution of Real-Time-Location-Systems (RTLS) and related services to the Israeli market.

CenTrak’s enterprise location services, based on second generation infrared (Gen2IR ™) technology, provide immediate or real-time tracking and management of medical equipment, staff, and patients.

Our flexible solutions will help you to increase visibility and efficiency in several levels:

CenTrak Location Adoption

With a long history of innovation for the healthcare market and proven track record of more than 850 installations worldwide, CenTrak’s technology keeps its users ahead of the curve with its exceptional IOT and RTLS solutions.

CenTrak’s innovative products are part of a growing line of TIG-developed, cutting-edge real-time tracking, location, and health-monitoring systems. By bringing together experts at the pinnacle of various fields, and forging their diverse expertise into new and challenging projects, TIG keeps moving the boundary of technological ability forward, with applications for countless areas, from consumer products to industry.

As described in the movie below, Centrak’s RTLS solutions for the healthcare market includes: assets tracking and management, patient/staff locating, environmental and temperature monitoring, hand hygiene compliance monitoring, security and protection and business process automation – with new and game-changing products and systems constantly in the pipeline.

CenTrak’s RTLS solutions for the healthcare market leads to rapid improvement in the following fields:


Asset Management – Allow healthcare facilities to track the exact location of tagged assets in order to reduce equipment hoarding/shrinkage and decrease the time staff spends searching for equipment. Automating PAR – level management.

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Nurse Call Automation – Provide faster response times for patients, improve communication capabilities for staff and robust data collection for administrative analysis and reporting.


Infant Protection – Ensure newborns are safe and always appropriately matched with the correct mother with CenTrak newbaby™, the most innovative location & security platform.


Clinical Workflow – Inspect how care is delivered, eliminate bottlenecks and identify new ways to improve efficiency, quality, capacity, and revenues.


Hand Hygiene Compliance – Help healthcare facilities better manage infection risk and provide a cost-effective approach to capture compliance and noncompliance events 24/7.


Wander Management – Empower patients and residents with a feeling of control and freedom while ensuring their safety and security


Environmental Monitoring – Meet compliance standards and prevent product loss with CenTrak Spectrum™ – wireless temperature and environmental monitoring that eliminates the need for manual reporting of storage conditions.

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Staff Duress – Assistance is only a simple button-press away. Deploy immediate responses during emergencies by instantly locating the staff member under duress.


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